Artistic Roughness

Boston last week.  My suite.  The knock on the door. I was ready. We aren’t strangers anymore but every time is different. You know how to overwhelm me.  It’s artistic, your roughness.   The dominant in you understands the delicate balance between power and pain and knows how to execute that beautifully so only pleasureContinue reading “Artistic Roughness”

The Kink Questionnaire

This evening I received an email from a gentleman I met on Fetlife.  I am scheduled to be in Toronto on the 21st -23rd of December and he is attending the same swingers event.  He was gracious enough to send me my first ever “kink Questionnaire.”   It is an artfully designed questionnaire that enablesContinue reading “The Kink Questionnaire”

My Love Letter to America…

My Dear America, This past year I had the amazing opportunity to really enjoy you.  I traveled across the plains, in the valleys and over the mountains to revel in the wonder of your natural beauty.   Your vistas were inspiring.  The cities were lively and unique, each one a haven of their own distinctContinue reading “My Love Letter to America…”

Tasty Vanilla…

Over the past few weeks, it has become more clear to me that my vanilla life has begun to take center stage.  As someone who spent the last few years living a life of kink 100% of the time, the revelation and transition has been stressful but I am taking it in stride.    IContinue reading “Tasty Vanilla…”

My Memorial Day Memoir

This will be my last post until Tuesday, May 27 as I will be spending the weekend drinking my favorite champagne, Pierre Gimonnet, playing golf at the beach in Brigantine, and enjoying time with family and friends. Of course, we wouldn’t have these amazing freedoms if it were for our armed force. The retail sales,Continue reading “My Memorial Day Memoir”

Hot for Teacher

“Hot for Teacher” by Van Halen is playing in the background when you walk in to the suite in Greenwich, CT.  I’m ready for my lesson, studiously dressed in nothing but a blazer, bowtie, stockings and garter.  You are ready to delve into higher learning. The lesson is interesting as I shameless flirt.  I can’tContinue reading “Hot for Teacher”

Pivotal Relationships

I recently read a “Freshly Pressed” post that encouraged me to talk about a pivotal relationship in my life.  One that, ultimately lead me to the one I live now, indirectly.  I share with you only because I do believe that we can all learn from each other.  I know I have learned so muchContinue reading “Pivotal Relationships”