In this moment, I’m here with you. There is nobody else. There is nowhere else. My hands, my breath, my thoughts, my movements, they are in sync with yours. We are there, immersed in one another. I follow your lead. I succumb to your body and minds cry for attention. God do you deserve it!Continue reading “FANTASY FRIDAY: I’M YOUR MIRROR”


I was thinking the other night about the first date. The experience, that no matter what your age, your confidence level or experience, always draws butterflies. The pressure of the first impression. The desire to look and feel your best, and the preparation and care you take with grooming and wardrobe. Before the date evenContinue reading “FIRST DATE GUIDE FOR A GENTLEMAN”

Creative Love

I came across a  site on Instagram the other day called  It is erotic art at its most interesting.  I am not much of a art lover but I find myself compelled to check my IG account a few times a day just to look and see what they have posted.  The drawings areContinue reading “Creative Love”

The Lasso’d Brain & The Science Behind Seduction

The brain remains an organ yet to be fully understood and explored.  It is said that humans only use 10% of their brain.  The remaining 90% is a mystery? Seduction is a mystery as well.  What drives it?  Is it the physical or the intellectual?  I believe, to an extent, that is asking what comes first..theContinue reading “The Lasso’d Brain & The Science Behind Seduction”

The Voice

Deep and sweet but sometimes savory.  You are thoughtful and careful with your words.  It is one of your most attractive qualities, I realize.  It isn’t manipulative but you truly think before you speak.  It makes the conversation we have that much more enticing. Your voice envelops me, memories of another time.  It is likeContinue reading “The Voice”

The “Draw” of Seduction

That word. Seduction.  The sound of it rolling off our tongues is provocative.  In fact,  its etymology dates back to the 16th century “seducere” – to draw aside.   drawing you into a journey, a path to discovery.     Our senses are the compass.   One that is intimately shared to those who are daring in confidenceContinue reading “The “Draw” of Seduction”