The Lasso’d Brain & The Science Behind Seduction

The brain remains an organ yet to be fully understood and explored.  It is said that humans only use 10% of their brain.  The remaining 90% is a mystery? Seduction is a mystery as well.  What drives it?  Is it the physical or the intellectual?  I believe, to an extent, that is asking what comes first..theContinue reading “The Lasso’d Brain & The Science Behind Seduction”

The “Draw” of Seduction

That word. Seduction.  The sound of it rolling off our tongues is provocative.  In fact,  its etymology dates back to the 16th century “seducere” – to draw aside.   drawing you into a journey, a path to discovery.     Our senses are the compass.   One that is intimately shared to those who are daring in confidenceContinue reading “The “Draw” of Seduction”