The Imperfect “Ten”

My most recent review on TER gave me a double 10.  This was a first and I am flattered. Now here is the irony – I like imperfection.  It creates an opportunity to understand one another better as individuals.   The greatest artists and most successful businessmen will be the first  to tell you  thatContinue reading “The Imperfect “Ten””

Dirty Dreidel

He has no idea what he has cumming to him tonight.  A kinky take on spinning the Dreidel. Punishment  and reward.   Choices to be made.   A little holiday trivia to a create a bit more challenge.  I will fuck his mind before I fuck him.   He loves the visual so I will hoodContinue reading “Dirty Dreidel”

Mr. Peter Pecker…

Your attitude is refreshing, Mr. Peter Pecker.  There is an underlying layer of determination that exudes confidence.  It is extremely sexy.  There is a part of me that wants to beg.  I hold back. …your confidence and sexiness that you slip in and out of so easily. I am ready… Your form is distinctive.    YouContinue reading “Mr. Peter Pecker…”

Hot for Teacher

“Hot for Teacher” by Van Halen is playing in the background when you walk in to the suite in Greenwich, CT.  I’m ready for my lesson, studiously dressed in nothing but a blazer, bowtie, stockings and garter.  You are ready to delve into higher learning. The lesson is interesting as I shameless flirt.  I can’tContinue reading “Hot for Teacher”

The Slutty Professor

Greenwich, CT.  The slutty professor worked nervously, tapping one 5″ steel-heeled stiletto against the carpet, waiting for the man who would save the day, to arrive, Alan Cunning, aka. The Cunninglinguist.  His reputation as a man with an ability to speak and translate the romantic languages was well-known and professor Slutty instinctively knew that heContinue reading “The Slutty Professor”

My Dark Valentine

I can’t wait until I leave for DC next Friday. I’m excited to reunite with my all my kinky friends and the play partners who so I expertly know how to pick up where we left off. Dark Odyssey is a time to really push my own personal boundaries in an environment where the playingContinue reading “My Dark Valentine”

Discovery Zones

Worship at this altar. The blindfold challenges your skill but does not sway your determination. All the parts of your hands- nails, fingers, knuckles and palms, explore my body. I guide you at times but your navigation skills are sharp so you only need to be shown once.  You are a quick study. We oftenContinue reading “Discovery Zones”

The Sexy Secretary

He told my presence in the office was causing a problem with “productivity” and making the other secretary’s jealous. I politely explained that any efforts to boost office morale in my part were mot being done on company time and as for the jealousy, well…. “Bend over,slut.” He barked. I did as I was told,Continue reading “The Sexy Secretary”

The Sensual Spanker

My Boston friend you know who you are. I begged for it because I am such a slut. I showed you the implements – the ominous black triple leather strap and my famous Purple Passion double-sided paddle. I sensed your hesitancy at first but what a natural you are. Each slap was delivered with careContinue reading “The Sensual Spanker”

Woody Wonka and The Seduction Factory

  An average Tuesday night in Greenwich, CT. I made him stand in the middle of the room, fully clothed, with only my Hermes scarf tied around his eyes. He looked liked a fashionable hostage about to be executed, only this execution would come in the form of something much slower, seductive and delicious. Deliberately,Continue reading “Woody Wonka and The Seduction Factory”