A Holy Week Note

My faith is a big part of who I am.    Being close to God and being passionate about my faith has enhanced and enriched my life in so many ways.  When you put your faith in something bigger than you, something perfect, representing pure love, openness and humility, there is different level of consciousnessContinue reading “A Holy Week Note”

Return on Connection

I don’t know who came up with the saying ” its not personal, its business.” I suspect they lived a lonely life. In my experience relationships of any kind, in any form, are personal. I managed clients in the digital ad space for over 13 years and I learned that a service business in anyContinue reading “Return on Connection”

Discovery Zones

Worship at this altar. The blindfold challenges your skill but does not sway your determination. All the parts of your hands- nails, fingers, knuckles and palms, explore my body. I guide you at times but your navigation skills are sharp so you only need to be shown once.  You are a quick study. We oftenContinue reading “Discovery Zones”

Pushing Emotional Boundaries

Lately, I feel v. introspective. I want to give all that I have but know that if I don’t protect myself and draw lines, who will be there to protect me? After going through a divorce, the sudden death of a lover and evolving in a power exchange lifestyle, my emotional intelligence has evolved quite a bit.Continue reading “Pushing Emotional Boundaries”