Deep Pockets

My sexual soul burns bright and fiery.   Regardless of the activity, from my phalanges to my metatarsals I can feel that carnal energy coursing through my veins.  The undercurrent of  my sexuality is strong and complicated.   I like that it leaves a trickle of curiosity every where I go.  I admit discovering somethingContinue reading “Deep Pockets”

Toasting You

Yesterday, I completed my first Toastmasters speech.  Although the “icebreaker” could arguably be the easiest, It is a challenge to speak about yourself in a way that engages an audience of relative strangers. Special thanks to the calls of support and constructive feedback I received yesterday.  Typically, I spend more time preparing but I spentContinue reading “Toasting You”

The POWER-ful and The POWER-less

Every day we make choices, decisions.  There are some we spend days pondering and others we make in a split-second.  Ultimately they result in us being powerful or powerless.  Now, you can argue, “why would I make a decision that would provoke a powerless action?” It happens all the time. I know I am guiltyContinue reading “The POWER-ful and The POWER-less”

The Briefcase

The understated accessory.  Yet, a daunting one. A statement of persona.   We carry a briefcase and our gait becomes more powerful, purposeful.  Standing in a crowded elevator,  grasping on to the handle tightly, the anticipation of revealing the contents, is a heady feeling.  The silence around you is palpable but you can feel theContinue reading “The Briefcase”

Nature v. Nurture? – Embracing The World of Power Exchange

I love, love, love Master P’s blog Dominationsubmission because he speaks with candor and empathy for all experience levels on a subject that is dear to my heart, power exchange.  In fact, a recent post came through my reader, “New Master and Experienced submissive” that caught my attention and I thought I would be so bold toContinue reading “Nature v. Nurture? – Embracing The World of Power Exchange”

Birthday Wishes and Kinky Dreams….

In less than two weeks I will be celebrating my 40th – 1 year on earth.  This birthday is particularly momentous because it is the first time in 5 years I am without obligation. I use these words specifically because for 5 years I was in a M/s relationship  and it seems now I amContinue reading “Birthday Wishes and Kinky Dreams….”

The High-Standard Slut

Paramour.  Brainy nymphomaniac.   Lover of all kinds of sex.  Man or woman.  Bring it on.   Sex with one or an orgy.  Not afraid to get messy in the moment.  Fetish?  Can’t get enough.  Power exchange?   Power hungry.   Stiletto-clad legs wrapped around your waist, squeezing you.   A body worked over.  AContinue reading “The High-Standard Slut”

Love’s Many Faces…

We all have our ideas on love and what is romantic.  In fact, I would argue that the greatest, most intense love I have ever felt for someone came from a power exchange relationship.  There are people who believe you can only really love one person at a time.  While I respect where people comeContinue reading “Love’s Many Faces…”

Remembering My Grandmother

I don’t expect this to be a popular post but its Mother’s Day.  My grandmother was an amazing lady.   I can’t tell you how many summers I spent with her as a kid in Seaside Park, NJ.  She was a sharp dresser, always perfectly dressed for the occasion including accessories and loved to spoilContinue reading “Remembering My Grandmother”

Pivotal Relationships

I recently read a “Freshly Pressed” post that encouraged me to talk about a pivotal relationship in my life.  One that, ultimately lead me to the one I live now, indirectly.  I share with you only because I do believe that we can all learn from each other.  I know I have learned so muchContinue reading “Pivotal Relationships”