Your Kinky “Cup of Tea” – Happy 1 Year to the Readers.

I love sex. I love kink. I really love oral sex.  My fetishes are few but definitely strong.  Power exchange is the only thing missing from my life but is worth waiting for.   I am a true hedonist with a passion for pleasure. My traditional values keep me emotionally grounded.   I don’t expectContinue reading “Your Kinky “Cup of Tea” – Happy 1 Year to the Readers.”

The Irish- Italian Job

I had so much fun in the v. short time I was n Boston.  The friends I make there have a special place in my heart because many are Irish-Italian and remind me of roots… Boston is always an extra special visit for me.   I may have mentioned that many of my relatives areContinue reading “The Irish- Italian Job”

Why I Love the Brits…

I love British men.  They are among the kinkiest, most sexual men I have come across.  It’s not what they are into it’s the passion that they display.  They aren’t afraid to be raunchy with me.  They aren’t afraid to throw me over their desk or tongue fuck my clit till I cum so intenselyContinue reading “Why I Love the Brits…”

Power Play

I am enjoying my time with a man who is currently exploring his Dominant desire with me.  We played yesterday and although he is a novice in p/e, it is fun to teach and explore together.   It had been awhile since we last met so I think he was a little nervous.  I’m gentle thoughContinue reading “Power Play”

For Lifestyle Subs and Slaves

I sometimes get emails from subs and slaves who are new to the lifestyle or maybe just trying to navigate the emotional landmines that are often expected as a result of our open vulnerability. If I can impart any wisdom, it is to never give up.  This lifestyle is not easy and is not forContinue reading “For Lifestyle Subs and Slaves”

Fun Q & A

I’m offically 38.  Since I got so serious yesterday, I thought today’s post would be really light and fun. I would love to hear your answers to these questions.. Please feel free to comment or email them to me at 1.  What songs are on your ipod playlists?  Anyone who has met with meContinue reading “Fun Q & A”

Slut, Whore, Slave…Slave, Whore, Slut..

On the last night of being 37, I want to get up close and personal… The title – a 3-word summary.  I am confident enough to be proud of those labels. First and foremost I am proud of being a slave.  A 4.5-year journey thus far, and the road is still long, windy and filled withContinue reading “Slut, Whore, Slave…Slave, Whore, Slut..”

A Slave’s Dream Cum True…

Persistence pays off.  It took 1 Fetlife email, 1 gmail introduction and later a follow-up email to get the great Maestro Stefanos attention.  In case you don’t know who he is, he is the Steward for’s The Upper Floor, where slave’s are used and train into high-protocol proper slaves.  When I was trained by myContinue reading “A Slave’s Dream Cum True…”

Calling All Writers With a Twisted Point of View

I am v. excited to announce that I will be guest blogging from the slave point of view on the provocative blog, dominationsubmission.  Master P, dominationsubmission’s owner, is a Master living in London who has a sturdy, educated and empathetic point of view on the world of power exchange relationships. The Kinky Courtesan is notContinue reading “Calling All Writers With a Twisted Point of View”

What The Masters Teaches You About Being a slave

This weekend I enjoyed watching the 2013 Masters Tournament with friends and strangers.  One reason that I love the game of golf is because it is a gentleman’s game. A game played with integrity and one that relies much more on discipline and practice than pure skill and natural talent.  It got me thinking aboutContinue reading “What The Masters Teaches You About Being a slave”

Thank You, Master P.

A few days ago while searching wordpress for other BDSM blogs, I came across Master P’s musing, DominationSubmission.  I am hooked, so please excuse the reblogs. He articulates his perspective with conviction, knowledge, wisdom, empathy and an air of Mystery.  It is one of the few blogs written from my a Dominant Male’s perspective thatContinue reading “Thank You, Master P.”

From Greenwich with Love… xx

You thought you knew everything.  Your disguise was clever.  The hotel maintenance man.  I let you in but I am hurried and stern about it.  You were convincing.    The bag was the first giveaway.  I couldn’t help but snoop. After all,  I knew something was going down and its my responsibility to be alert andContinue reading “From Greenwich with Love… xx”

I’m Not Anastasia Either…

Recently I came across a wonderfully written blog called I’m Not Anastasia.  A fellow wordpresser, who writes in reality and truth and isn’t afraid to be emotionally naked in front of audience of strangers who may or may have a clue about the world of BDSM. Many of us who have experienced this fascinating world,Continue reading “I’m Not Anastasia Either…”