Vitamin O

Dinner was memorable.  Flirty, fun and the conversation flowed….When you presented the orange, your chosen fruit of choice, I loved how we intellectualized the carnality of the fruit.  I couldn’t wait to get you back to my place and provide the nourishment with the vitamin O you so badly craved… The letter you presented me atContinue reading “Vitamin O”

Friday’s Fantasy: Bacchanalian Pleasures

It is our mind and senses that transport us.   Your powerful masculinity stands before me – perfect tailored, everything coordinated beautifully and in place except for a large bulge forming within the inseam of your pants. A motion to step forward.   Less than an inch away you stand.  The tips of your wingtips areContinue reading “Friday’s Fantasy: Bacchanalian Pleasures”

Points and Figures

My curvy figure lies in waiting for you.  I love edge play.  I like to call it sophisticated sensual play because it it not for your average player.  I don’t need my sense of hearing or sight to now you have entered the room.  Your energy is so profound I feel you even when youContinue reading “Points and Figures”

Deep Pockets

My sexual soul burns bright and fiery.   Regardless of the activity, from my phalanges to my metatarsals I can feel that carnal energy coursing through my veins.  The undercurrent of  my sexuality is strong and complicated.   I like that it leaves a trickle of curiosity every where I go.  I admit discovering somethingContinue reading “Deep Pockets”

Mr. Peter Pecker…

Your attitude is refreshing, Mr. Peter Pecker.  There is an underlying layer of determination that exudes confidence.  It is extremely sexy.  There is a part of me that wants to beg.  I hold back. …your confidence and sexiness that you slip in and out of so easily. I am ready… Your form is distinctive.    YouContinue reading “Mr. Peter Pecker…”

Friday Fantasy: The Alarm Cock

Its early. 6am.  You have just come back from your run.  Sweaty and red-faced with pheromones coursing through your vains.  I take a long look at you… I don’t care what you look like, I want you just the way you are. This is your natural state, after all. A new day.  A chance toContinue reading “Friday Fantasy: The Alarm Cock”

D.C. Nights….

Looking forward to a quick trip to DC tomorrow. I am excited to connect with some old friends.  I am especially looking forward to the evening….Dinner, drinks and naughtiness galore await me and a v. sexy friend.  I am planning  to surprise him by wearing my new Crave Wink vibrator out to dinner for the firstContinue reading “D.C. Nights….”

Friday’s Fantasy on Thursday: Aural Notes…

I will be off the grid from Friday through Sunday so I wanted to present this week’s fantasy a day early….Enjoy my darling kinky friends… He called for me naked.  Little make-up.  Barefoot.  My most natural state allows my submission to shine the brightest.  Instinctively he knows that. He expects nothing less. I crawl toContinue reading “Friday’s Fantasy on Thursday: Aural Notes…”

Caveat Emptor: The Skinny on Discreet Vibrators

There is something exciting about walking around the city, sitting in a business development meeting or pitching my business while a discreet vibrator applauds my pussy.   Since this is the second “discreet vibe” as the sex toy industry calls them, that I have owned, I thought I would write a review.  Caveat Emptor. TheContinue reading “Caveat Emptor: The Skinny on Discreet Vibrators”

Nature v. Nurture? – Embracing The World of Power Exchange

I love, love, love Master P’s blog Dominationsubmission because he speaks with candor and empathy for all experience levels on a subject that is dear to my heart, power exchange.  In fact, a recent post came through my reader, “New Master and Experienced submissive” that caught my attention and I thought I would be so bold toContinue reading “Nature v. Nurture? – Embracing The World of Power Exchange”

Birthday Wishes and Kinky Dreams….

In less than two weeks I will be celebrating my 40th – 1 year on earth.  This birthday is particularly momentous because it is the first time in 5 years I am without obligation. I use these words specifically because for 5 years I was in a M/s relationship  and it seems now I amContinue reading “Birthday Wishes and Kinky Dreams….”