Morsels and Moments – The Gift of Power Exchange

Its interesting, how power exchange works.  There is a great deal discussed when you are in a p/e relationship but not much discussed after you and remain “friends.”   Does the power exchange element suddenly disappear? The conundrum lies in the fact that submission or dominance is a state of being.  It doesn’t go awayContinue reading “Morsels and Moments – The Gift of Power Exchange”

A Fistful of Hair…

My hair is growing longer.  You know just how to pull it.  A fistful of hair.  A strong grip around my large, round ass.  My knee finds your inseam.  My tongue finds the lobe of your ear.  Your hand grabs my breasts, hard. Our clothes are still on. Perfectly choreographed foreplay. Every time you pullContinue reading “A Fistful of Hair…”

Dirty Dreidel

He has no idea what he has cumming to him tonight.  A kinky take on spinning the Dreidel. Punishment  and reward.   Choices to be made.   A little holiday trivia to a create a bit more challenge.  I will fuck his mind before I fuck him.   He loves the visual so I will hoodContinue reading “Dirty Dreidel”

The Kink Questionnaire

This evening I received an email from a gentleman I met on Fetlife.  I am scheduled to be in Toronto on the 21st -23rd of December and he is attending the same swingers event.  He was gracious enough to send me my first ever “kink Questionnaire.”   It is an artfully designed questionnaire that enablesContinue reading “The Kink Questionnaire”

Your Reflection

The full-length mirror stands dauntingly in front of you.  I have you stand in front of it.  There is a moment of awkwardness as tell you to stare at yourself.  What do you see? A handsome, rugged man, dressed casually.  You know what looks good on you…what accents those clear blue eyes and massive, gorgeousContinue reading “Your Reflection”

Shaken & Stirred…A New Art to Edge Play

On Saturday, I spent all day in Philadelphia at an Edge Play Intensive taught by Eric Pride, an experienced Master who runs a slave household with his wife in NYC.  I was v. excited about this class because lately I have been in a bit of a kinky rut.  I have been in this lifestyleContinue reading “Shaken & Stirred…A New Art to Edge Play”

So….You Think You are Dominant? The “Switch” In All of Us..

You are not  Dominant because your fetish makes you so.  You are not Dominant because you own impact play toys.  You are not Dominant because you call yourself a “Top.” The nature of BDSM is 95% mentally and spiritually based.  If you spend time in the company of a true Dominant/Master or submissive/slave they don’tContinue reading “So….You Think You are Dominant? The “Switch” In All of Us..”

A Two-Sided Mirror

I masturbated today.  As a general rule, I never masturbate alone.  Perhaps, it was the adrenaline rush after Taekwando or maybe it was the wet and damp weather in NYC.  I just felt like playing with myself.  When I say “playing” I mean really doing a number, with one caveat, I won’t finish.  A goodContinue reading “A Two-Sided Mirror”


The amazing Master P always writes insightfully and his latest post, “BDSM Love” gives the reader, vanilla or kinky something to chew on. I would like to expound on his musings and take it in my own direction. Everyone’s journey into this lifestyle is unique.  A discovery, the depths of which vary.  My personal journey is about surrender toContinue reading “Surrender…”

Friday’s Fantasy: Light As a Feather, When You Are Stiff As A Board

I know you know what makes me wet…but can you me push to the edge so my freshly-painted toes are dangling over the precipice?  Yes…I’m ready to fall… Your excitement is apparent.  I don’t have to look below your beautiful black leather belt.  I can smell you from across the room.  The smell of desire.Continue reading “Friday’s Fantasy: Light As a Feather, When You Are Stiff As A Board”

From the Bottom to the Top…And The Journey In Between

I am often asked what I prefer “top or bottom?”  That is like asking what kind of ice cream I like.  Well, I enjoy it all, actually… Preference and roles are a funny thing in the fetish world.   We tend to label ourselves in the beginning because it feels safe to do that.  AContinue reading “From the Bottom to the Top…And The Journey In Between”