People seem to have a love/hate relationship with stress. I think in some ways, being stressed means they are more important, have more responsibilities, and that the person who is not anxious or worried has it easy or is just sailing through life. I hardly believe that it is only people with great responsibility andContinue reading “MONDAY LOVE: PASSION & PURPOSE”


Our energies are often focused on communication with others and listening, that we forget the most important person: ourselves. Sending a little Tuesday love your way via audio…or you can read on… Why do we sometimes let the ugliest parts of ourselves – , selfishness, insecurities take center stage through judgement and criticism of others?Continue reading “TUESDAY LOVE: ITS ABOUT ME”

The “Draw” of Seduction

That word. Seduction.  The sound of it rolling off our tongues is provocative.  In fact,  its etymology dates back to the 16th century “seducere” – to draw aside.   drawing you into a journey, a path to discovery.     Our senses are the compass.   One that is intimately shared to those who are daring in confidenceContinue reading “The “Draw” of Seduction”

I’m Kinky, Therefore I am. The Cogito of Kink.

I love nothing more than to wax philosophical about the intellect of kink.  Ok, perhaps there are a few things but that is for another post. 😉 We can thank the French philosopher Rene Descartes for sparking the discussion for proof of life and to a further extent, the practice of logical thought.  While thisContinue reading “I’m Kinky, Therefore I am. The Cogito of Kink.”