I understand why some athletes do not have sex when they are in training. The constant state of arousal is powerful. You are decisive and masculine. Strong and swift, but sometimes slow and steady. I am right there with you, following your lead. I trust you completely. Let’s not let Monday feel like a Monday.


Happy Monday! I thought I would help get your week started off right. A little bonus “Fantasy Friday” on a Monday. We spend so much time at work, that fantasizing about a colleague/boss is inevitable. In fact, I bet sexual tension between colleagues is one of the reasons why people remain at their jobs. SexualContinue reading “A CASE OF THE MONDAYS: OFFICE WORK”

Artistic Roughness

Boston last week.  My suite.  The knock on the door. I was ready. We aren’t strangers anymore but every time is different. You know how to overwhelm me.  It’s artistic, your roughness.   The dominant in you understands the delicate balance between power and pain and knows how to execute that beautifully so only pleasureContinue reading “Artistic Roughness”

Long Positions

I see the beads of sweat forming on your forehead.  Its cute and stirring something in me.  I appreciate that you are sharply dressed.  My eyes transfix on your perspiration.  I’m listening intently as you talk passionately about your interests but I can’t help but be turned on to your sweat. Its hot but its nice.Continue reading “Long Positions”

What You See is What You Get…

I never took off my lingerie and crystal back seam hose.   I wanted to show you how hot sex can be without penetration in my pussy or ass.  The toys and kinky accoutrements silently watched from the Mezzanine, disappointed they couldn’t get in on the action… Instead I let the visual take over. AllContinue reading “What You See is What You Get…”

2015 Men’s Fashion….Bring Back Driving Gloves…

As someone with a fetish for high-performance cars…one thing I love are driving gloves yet I rarely see them make an appearance. It is a great fantasy of mine for a man to tease and torture me in a beautiful suit, completing the look with driving gloves.  The feel of buttery leather on my skin…runningContinue reading “2015 Men’s Fashion….Bring Back Driving Gloves…”

Turning the Man

There is nothing more exciting than meeting someone in a completely vanilla setting and having incredibly kinky sex later.   Last night was great. The conversation we have makes you none the wiser about what I am into… We chat about 2016 politics, crude oil and QE, football..the conversation flows.  We are truly engaged andContinue reading “Turning the Man”

Dirty Dreidel

He has no idea what he has cumming to him tonight.  A kinky take on spinning the Dreidel. Punishment  and reward.   Choices to be made.   A little holiday trivia to a create a bit more challenge.  I will fuck his mind before I fuck him.   He loves the visual so I will hoodContinue reading “Dirty Dreidel”

The Kink Questionnaire

This evening I received an email from a gentleman I met on Fetlife.  I am scheduled to be in Toronto on the 21st -23rd of December and he is attending the same swingers event.  He was gracious enough to send me my first ever “kink Questionnaire.”   It is an artfully designed questionnaire that enablesContinue reading “The Kink Questionnaire”