This blog post was originally written in 2010 from an old Typepad blog I had. It has since been adapted. If there is one animal that should be on the “extinction list” it is, the gentleman.  I’ve lived in NYC for 16 years now and have been been a girlfriend, a friend with benefits, aContinue reading “PUTTING THE “GENTLE” BACK IN MEN”

Tuesday’s Fantasy: The Seraphim Feline

I make my own rules:  Friday’s Fantasy is cumming to you Tuesday…. It is innocent enough.  Conservative business entire.  Nobody is the wiser.  Generic wine. Not particularly good or bad.  The champagne is a bit flat by now.  The cheese and cracker are a bit stale. Rounds were made .   I see you from acrossContinue reading “Tuesday’s Fantasy: The Seraphim Feline”

Birthday Wishes and Kinky Dreams….

In less than two weeks I will be celebrating my 40th – 1 year on earth.  This birthday is particularly momentous because it is the first time in 5 years I am without obligation. I use these words specifically because for 5 years I was in a M/s relationship  and it seems now I amContinue reading “Birthday Wishes and Kinky Dreams….”

The High-Standard Slut

Paramour.  Brainy nymphomaniac.   Lover of all kinds of sex.  Man or woman.  Bring it on.   Sex with one or an orgy.  Not afraid to get messy in the moment.  Fetish?  Can’t get enough.  Power exchange?   Power hungry.   Stiletto-clad legs wrapped around your waist, squeezing you.   A body worked over.  AContinue reading “The High-Standard Slut”

Bad Boys and Good Men

I recently discovered a movement called The Good Men Project, which aims to foster conversation starters about modern manhood. In general I find their articles thought-provoking and refreshing in both content and perspective. They do tackle topics that are unpopular and not particularly sexy but still critical to the moral fibre of our society. OneContinue reading “Bad Boys and Good Men”

Why is Bi a Bad Word?

Recently, a friend posted on my facebook feed about how bisexuality is more discriminated against than being gay. I couldn’t agree more. I am bisexual and I love bisexual men. Whenever, I go to a lesbian bar, lesbians don’t want to talk to you because you are not “gay” and if you go to aContinue reading “Why is Bi a Bad Word?”

Site Refresh – Cumming Soon

I know I have been a bit quiet for the past month.  The truth is I have been busy restructuring my business.  We are cumming into a new year and for me that means taking a look at the good, bad and ugly…Whether I ever see you in person or not, every individual who supportsContinue reading “Site Refresh – Cumming Soon”

Woody Wonka and The Seduction Factory

  An average Tuesday night in Greenwich, CT. I made him stand in the middle of the room, fully clothed, with only my Hermes scarf tied around his eyes. He looked liked a fashionable hostage about to be executed, only this execution would come in the form of something much slower, seductive and delicious. Deliberately,Continue reading “Woody Wonka and The Seduction Factory”

Like Mother, Like Son

A woman who loves to suck cock.  A bisexual, dominant man who enjoys detailing his exploits when she her face is being fucked.  The college son abruptly walks in on them only to find out that the two men are “well-acquainted.” The mom isn’t so much embarrassed but shocked.  He demands the son gets onContinue reading “Like Mother, Like Son”

The Reality of Role Play

You come to me with a scenario – maybe I’m your slutty but blue-blooded drunk of a mother and you are my son coming home from college in a lame attempt to hide a disastrous, PBR-filled semester, maybe we are playing out a boardroom power play or perhaps we are reenacting a teacher’s pet scenario.Continue reading “The Reality of Role Play”

Cunnilingus Olympics

Take a deep breath.  What are you striving for – the gold ? silver? Bronze?  A mere honorable mention?  I realize that female anatomy is a little tougher to interpret than a man’s.  The clues on whether you are warm or cold are obvious. I’m writing this piece as a true bi-partisan – someone who enjoysContinue reading “Cunnilingus Olympics”

Cinematic Fellatio

The words roll off the tongue…Don’t they?  Millions of nerve endings to stimulate with one’s mouth, breasts, fingers and face…The eyes peer up at you from down below; devious, angelic and horny. They can’t resist staring you down. Cue the music.  Not from any stereo but from pursed lips wrapped around you.  The moans, groansContinue reading “Cinematic Fellatio”