A Two-Sided Mirror

I masturbated today.  As a general rule, I never masturbate alone.  Perhaps, it was the adrenaline rush after Taekwando or maybe it was the wet and damp weather in NYC.  I just felt like playing with myself.  When I say “playing” I mean really doing a number, with one caveat, I won’t finish.  A goodContinue reading “A Two-Sided Mirror”

Mr. Peter Pecker…

Your attitude is refreshing, Mr. Peter Pecker.  There is an underlying layer of determination that exudes confidence.  It is extremely sexy.  There is a part of me that wants to beg.  I hold back. …your confidence and sexiness that you slip in and out of so easily. I am ready… Your form is distinctive.    YouContinue reading “Mr. Peter Pecker…”

Caveat Emptor: The Skinny on Discreet Vibrators

There is something exciting about walking around the city, sitting in a business development meeting or pitching my business while a discreet vibrator applauds my pussy.   Since this is the second “discreet vibe” as the sex toy industry calls them, that I have owned, I thought I would write a review.  Caveat Emptor. TheContinue reading “Caveat Emptor: The Skinny on Discreet Vibrators”