“Anyone who is observant, who discovers the person they have always dreamed of, knows that sexual energy comes into play before sex even takes place. The greatest pleasure isn’t sex, but the passion with which it is practiced. When the passion is intense, then sex joins in to complete the dance, but it is neverContinue reading “MONDAY MORNING LOVE: REDUX”


I have a good friend who is single, male and v. eligible and yet, all he does is complain about how difficult it is to meet women – despite the fact that he lives in a young, beach community. In solidarity, I joined a dating app for a 1 month trial. Listen in to myContinue reading “THE DATING CONUNDRUM – REDUX”


Our energies are often focused on communication with others and listening, that we forget the most important person: ourselves. Sending a little Tuesday love your way via audio…or you can read on… Why do we sometimes let the ugliest parts of ourselves – , selfishness, insecurities take center stage through judgement and criticism of others?Continue reading “TUESDAY LOVE: ITS ABOUT ME”


I know it sounds cliche but as someone who hasn’t had a real Valentine in over 15 years, I can honestly say that this “manaufactured holiday”, in my research is not made up at all. In fact, it is quite inspiring. From Your Valentine St. Valentine was a Roman doctor who also was a PriestContinue reading “A STORY OF LOVE”


This blog post was originally written in 2010 from an old Typepad blog I had. It has since been adapted. If there is one animal that should be on the “extinction list” it is, the gentleman.  I’ve lived in NYC for 16 years now and have been been a girlfriend, a friend with benefits, aContinue reading “PUTTING THE “GENTLE” BACK IN MEN”

The Older the Better

Sorry to you young women and men. Well, sorry not sorry, right? lol The older I get the more I excited I get. My passion overflows. There is so much to appreciate with age, not just because I am older but because the emotional maturity and intelligence to ground me. The experiences curated are deliberate,Continue reading “The Older the Better”

The 7-Year Itch

You have been on my mind lately.  Perhaps its because Im finally doing it.  I am finally  building something substantial, as you always believed I would.  I haven’t mourned for you in 7 years.  I remember thinking the pain in my heart, in my gut, would never go away.  Time truly does heal the deepestContinue reading “The 7-Year Itch”

A Little Night Magic…

I felt like I was in a time warp.  We met at the Rose Bar at the Gramercy Park Hotel.  It is the one place in NYC that holds memories so dear for me that I haven’t been back since 2008.  It was my place with D…until it wasn’t anymore. It’s funny how memories can hitContinue reading “A Little Night Magic…”

Birthday Wishes and Kinky Dreams….

In less than two weeks I will be celebrating my 40th – 1 year on earth.  This birthday is particularly momentous because it is the first time in 5 years I am without obligation. I use these words specifically because for 5 years I was in a M/s relationship  and it seems now I amContinue reading “Birthday Wishes and Kinky Dreams….”

The Tease…

I have dinner with someone I am well-acquainted with.  A vanilla man who has a perverted and kinky mind.  He takes me out and engages me in vanilla conversation topics but looks at me knowing the possibility of something happening later is all up to my good behavior. His mouth moves one way in theContinue reading “The Tease…”