People seem to have a love/hate relationship with stress. I think in some ways, being stressed means they are more important, have more responsibilities, and that the person who is not anxious or worried has it easy or is just sailing through life. I hardly believe that it is only people with great responsibility andContinue reading “MONDAY LOVE: PASSION & PURPOSE”


Our energies are often focused on communication with others and listening, that we forget the most important person: ourselves. Sending a little Tuesday love your way via audio…or you can read on… Why do we sometimes let the ugliest parts of ourselves – , selfishness, insecurities take center stage through judgement and criticism of others?Continue reading “TUESDAY LOVE: ITS ABOUT ME”

Amor Fati

My best friend told me I should read the book, “The Obstacle is the Way.” I chose the audio version and LOVED it. The life I live is chock full of adversity and obstacles but over the past couple of years, I have chosen to think differently about it. Stress doesn’t have to be stressful.Continue reading “Amor Fati”


I’m a veteran at navigating Valentine’s day – I haven’t had a “valentine” in over 15 years. Don’t pity me. Being alone and being lonely, are separate states of mind. I understand that holidays are a time for special recognition. A reminder, in our busy lives to appreciate those relationships that matter most, in whateverContinue reading “SINGLE’S GUIDE TO VALENTINE’S DAY”


This blog post was originally written in 2010 from an old Typepad blog I had. It has since been adapted. If there is one animal that should be on the “extinction list” it is, the gentleman.  I’ve lived in NYC for 16 years now and have been been a girlfriend, a friend with benefits, aContinue reading “PUTTING THE “GENTLE” BACK IN MEN”


I was listening to a Jock Willink podcast. He was interviewing Dakota Meyer, a military vet – marine and and sniper. They were discussing his career in the military, and transition into civilian life, once he retired. Dakota mentioned a conversation with General Mattis, in which the General said, ” Don’t let this experience ofContinue reading “POST TRAUMATIC GROWTH”

The Imperfect “Ten”

My most recent review on TER gave me a double 10.  This was a first and I am flattered. Now here is the irony – I like imperfection.  It creates an opportunity to understand one another better as individuals.   The greatest artists and most successful businessmen will be the first  to tell you  thatContinue reading “The Imperfect “Ten””

Frequent Flying

President’s day/Valentine weekend was a great weekend.  I was traveling a bit but it was worth it as I got into D.C. Sunday afternoon for some dungeon play at the Dark Odyssey conference.  It is always worth it to attend this conference, if only for one night because it brings people from all over theContinue reading “Frequent Flying”