Live in stoicism. We are human, perfectly imperfect, finding our own way, which sometimes is a longer journey. Our battles are own. We decide how circumstances will affect us. The power we hold is nobody’s to take away. As human beings, we may feel defeated at times, we almost thrive in the complex but simplicityContinue reading “MORNING LOVE: THE STOIC LIFE”

I’m Kinky, Therefore I am. The Cogito of Kink.

I love nothing more than to wax philosophical about the intellect of kink.  Ok, perhaps there are a few things but that is for another post. 😉 We can thank the French philosopher Rene Descartes for sparking the discussion for proof of life and to a further extent, the practice of logical thought.  While thisContinue reading “I’m Kinky, Therefore I am. The Cogito of Kink.”