The Pleasure Salon

I will be heading back from Philly this afternoon…just in time to make the May edition of Pleasure Salon.  Spring is here and people are FRISKY.. Thought its been awhile since I’ve attended, when I have, it has always been a memorable time.  They have moved locations, to the Delancey Hotel but I am sure thereContinue reading “The Pleasure Salon”

Be My Clementine…

I read your energy.  You needed to relax.  I dive right it with just my hands….at first.  They caressed your legs, tickling and traveling slowly up your thigh…then the back of hands worked their way down your arms as you lay their silent and still.  My short but soft head of hair brushed your chestContinue reading “Be My Clementine…”

Tickle My Limbic

It’s never obvious but the signals are there.  Can you read them?  Do you read emotion from my posture?   Are you ready for what is about to happen? No hesitation doesn’t mean you have to be quick, it just means you have to be deliberate and clear on your intention.  Let’s write this story together but I wantContinue reading “Tickle My Limbic”

Just Desserts?

Monday’s can generally be a v. dull day but not when you are covered in chocolate cream pie.  Yes, I had some fun getting wet and messy…v. messy in fact.  We had fun getting wet and messy, actually because there 14 chocolate cream pies that had us covered from head to toe and everywhere inContinue reading “Just Desserts?”

Peeing in Louboutins

When you are kinky nothing is off-limits. Fashion knows no boundaries. Yesterday, I stood in my shower, standing over a naked man in nothing but but Loubou’s while that hot, golden nectar streamed slowly down my leg, onto his body and into his desperate, waiting mouth. I’m not a priss when it comes to fashion.Continue reading “Peeing in Louboutins”

The FunHouse

Just when I think I have pushed my limits, I am proven wrong. That is what Dark Odyssey is all about and this last conference in DC on President’s weekend was no exception. At the conference in 2013, I met an amazing Dominant who creeped into my brain and toyed with me in the mostContinue reading “The FunHouse”

Going With The Flow…

Its not secret that I really enjoy watersports- giving as well as receiving. Last night, my lovely Dominant friend came over who also happens to share my affinity for golden bliss. Though it has been almost 7 months since we have seen each other it was as if I had seen him just yesterday. LovelyContinue reading “Going With The Flow…”

Ransom Note

A note to my Captor: My pussy was your prisoner. Captured by your tongue, soft lips and roaming large hands, you took your mission v. seriously. Your touch was different as you explored- more pressure, less pressure, an examination of my muscles and the sweet juices that made you salivate for more. There was nothingContinue reading “Ransom Note”

Discovery Zones

Worship at this altar. The blindfold challenges your skill but does not sway your determination. All the parts of your hands- nails, fingers, knuckles and palms, explore my body. I guide you at times but your navigation skills are sharp so you only need to be shown once.  You are a quick study. We oftenContinue reading “Discovery Zones”

Bad Boys and Good Men

I recently discovered a movement called The Good Men Project, which aims to foster conversation starters about modern manhood. In general I find their articles thought-provoking and refreshing in both content and perspective. They do tackle topics that are unpopular and not particularly sexy but still critical to the moral fibre of our society. OneContinue reading “Bad Boys and Good Men”

The Sensual Spanker

My Boston friend you know who you are. I begged for it because I am such a slut. I showed you the implements – the ominous black triple leather strap and my famous Purple Passion double-sided paddle. I sensed your hesitancy at first but what a natural you are. Each slap was delivered with careContinue reading “The Sensual Spanker”

Why is Bi a Bad Word?

Recently, a friend posted on my facebook feed about how bisexuality is more discriminated against than being gay. I couldn’t agree more. I am bisexual and I love bisexual men. Whenever, I go to a lesbian bar, lesbians don’t want to talk to you because you are not “gay” and if you go to aContinue reading “Why is Bi a Bad Word?”