I know it sounds cliche but as someone who hasn’t had a real Valentine in over 15 years, I can honestly say that this “manaufactured holiday”, in my research is not made up at all. In fact, it is quite inspiring. From Your Valentine St. Valentine was a Roman doctor who also was a PriestContinue reading “A STORY OF LOVE”


I’m a veteran at navigating Valentine’s day – I haven’t had a “valentine” in over 15 years. Don’t pity me. Being alone and being lonely, are separate states of mind. I understand that holidays are a time for special recognition. A reminder, in our busy lives to appreciate those relationships that matter most, in whateverContinue reading “SINGLE’S GUIDE TO VALENTINE’S DAY”

My Memorial Day Memoir

This will be my last post until Tuesday, May 27 as I will be spending the weekend drinking my favorite champagne, Pierre Gimonnet, playing golf at the beach in Brigantine, and enjoying time with family and friends. Of course, we wouldn’t have these amazing freedoms if it were for our armed force. The retail sales,Continue reading “My Memorial Day Memoir”