I would like to believe I can “think” my way into anything. The truth is that life and all of its riches, literally and figuratively, is much grittier than that. Humility, patience and compassion. The keys to a life well lived. Easy to forget, and takes lifelong practice.


I have a good friend who is single, male and v. eligible and yet, all he does is complain about how difficult it is to meet women – despite the fact that he lives in a young, beach community. In solidarity, I joined a dating app for a 1 month trial. Listen in to myContinue reading “THE DATING CONUNDRUM – REDUX”

Amor Fati

My best friend told me I should read the book, “The Obstacle is the Way.” I chose the audio version and LOVED it. The life I live is chock full of adversity and obstacles but over the past couple of years, I have chosen to think differently about it. Stress doesn’t have to be stressful.Continue reading “Amor Fati”


I know it sounds cliche but as someone who hasn’t had a real Valentine in over 15 years, I can honestly say that this “manaufactured holiday”, in my research is not made up at all. In fact, it is quite inspiring. From Your Valentine St. Valentine was a Roman doctor who also was a PriestContinue reading “A STORY OF LOVE”

The Voice

Deep and sweet but sometimes savory.  You are thoughtful and careful with your words.  It is one of your most attractive qualities, I realize.  It isn’t manipulative but you truly think before you speak.  It makes the conversation we have that much more enticing. Your voice envelops me, memories of another time.  It is likeContinue reading “The Voice”