A man I know can be so good in my bed, so in touch with my energy. His mind and body show no inhibitions. He devours me and his self-confidence sends me soaring. I’m his canvas to play and experiment. I am his muse, bringing to life thoughts and emotions he didn’t know existed deepContinue reading “THE LOVER’S CURSE: I LOVE YOU, NOW GO.”

Tuesday’s Fantasy: The Seraphim Feline

I make my own rules:  Friday’s Fantasy is cumming to you Tuesday…. It is innocent enough.  Conservative business entire.  Nobody is the wiser.  Generic wine. Not particularly good or bad.  The champagne is a bit flat by now.  The cheese and cracker are a bit stale. Rounds were made .   I see you from acrossContinue reading “Tuesday’s Fantasy: The Seraphim Feline”

Friday’s Fantasy on Thursday: Aural Notes…

I will be off the grid from Friday through Sunday so I wanted to present this week’s fantasy a day early….Enjoy my darling kinky friends… He called for me naked.  Little make-up.  Barefoot.  My most natural state allows my submission to shine the brightest.  Instinctively he knows that. He expects nothing less. I crawl toContinue reading “Friday’s Fantasy on Thursday: Aural Notes…”

Friday’s Fantasy…The Office

Your office is a place for work not for kinky, wonton acts of lust and desire. The signal comes and I know immediately I must go to you.  There is no stopping to collect $200…there are no thoughts in mind…it is only you and pleasing your every need.  I feel like I am floating toContinue reading “Friday’s Fantasy…The Office”