The Sensual Spanker Returns

It has been so long…too long…and then I got an email.  Those hands are amazing, creating a work of experience every time we are together.  Every time we are together its different.  I don’t know if you want to spend more time spanking me or just enjoying me…It is always unforgettable though… In advance, heContinue reading “The Sensual Spanker Returns”

New Student

Date #6…I invited him over just to play.  It was time to really see what He was made of.  He surprised me pleasantly.   He admitted he was a bit intimidated but eager to learn and explore.  I am eager to continue to push my boundaries… Since i have agreed to take on a roleContinue reading “New Student”

Piece by Piece…Sartorial Sex

You were stunning in that custom suit.  I learned something new too..the last button on the sleeve of a custom suit is always left undone…the mark of bespoke. There were so many pieces to your wardrobe – the vest, the pants, the jacket, the tie and suspenders! Wow.  I have a new appreciation for suspenders.Continue reading “Piece by Piece…Sartorial Sex”

The Tease…

I have dinner with someone I am well-acquainted with.  A vanilla man who has a perverted and kinky mind.  He takes me out and engages me in vanilla conversation topics but looks at me knowing the possibility of something happening later is all up to my good behavior. His mouth moves one way in theContinue reading “The Tease…”

My Dark Valentine

I can’t wait until I leave for DC next Friday. I’m excited to reunite with my all my kinky friends and the play partners who so I expertly know how to pick up where we left off. Dark Odyssey is a time to really push my own personal boundaries in an environment where the playingContinue reading “My Dark Valentine”

The Sensual Spanker

My Boston friend you know who you are. I begged for it because I am such a slut. I showed you the implements – the ominous black triple leather strap and my famous Purple Passion double-sided paddle. I sensed your hesitancy at first but what a natural you are. Each slap was delivered with careContinue reading “The Sensual Spanker”

Triple Trouble

It is quite fitting that my 300th post is about getting dominated 3 times in one day. I think I set a personal record. The man from down under came to see me. New Zealand to be exact. He took me. Really took me and wasn’t nice about it. Why should he be? I’m aContinue reading “Triple Trouble”

Greenwich, CT on a Saturday Night

There you stand on the other side of the door with your bag of goodies.  A hotel in Greenwich, CT. I’ll show you mine if you show yours but you decided to blindfold me.   You open the bag and slowly I hear the goodies come out, slowly you transform.  You are a no longerContinue reading “Greenwich, CT on a Saturday Night”

Two Timing…

I woke up yesterday morning and my only responsibility was to meet Mestra Jussara at her private dungeon by 11am wearing a bra and panties. I was her double for an hour session w one of her slave boys. Being a switch, I bring the best of both worlds because I can transition easily inContinue reading “Two Timing…”