Dirty Dreidel

He has no idea what he has cumming to him tonight.  A kinky take on spinning the Dreidel. Punishment  and reward.   Choices to be made.   A little holiday trivia to a create a bit more challenge.  I will fuck his mind before I fuck him.   He loves the visual so I will hoodContinue reading “Dirty Dreidel”

Shaken & Stirred…A New Art to Edge Play

On Saturday, I spent all day in Philadelphia at an Edge Play Intensive taught by Eric Pride, an experienced Master who runs a slave household with his wife in NYC.  I was v. excited about this class because lately I have been in a bit of a kinky rut.  I have been in this lifestyleContinue reading “Shaken & Stirred…A New Art to Edge Play”

Points and Figures

My curvy figure lies in waiting for you.  I love edge play.  I like to call it sophisticated sensual play because it it not for your average player.  I don’t need my sense of hearing or sight to now you have entered the room.  Your energy is so profound I feel you even when youContinue reading “Points and Figures”

The Lewinsky Moment

We were enjoying the moment….teasing, toying and playing with one another.  My thigh highs were wrapped around his eyes because the best way to tease, of course, is to take away a sense.  Hot and sweaty… When I was in DC last week I picked up some cigars but never had a chance to smokeContinue reading “The Lewinsky Moment”

The Tease…

I have dinner with someone I am well-acquainted with.  A vanilla man who has a perverted and kinky mind.  He takes me out and engages me in vanilla conversation topics but looks at me knowing the possibility of something happening later is all up to my good behavior. His mouth moves one way in theContinue reading “The Tease…”

Game of Clothespins

In Boston, I visited with my Spanish sweetheart.  He is mature, worldly and has inspired me to go for my pilot’s license.  We always have some a wonderful, relaxing time together and this morning was no exception. I love to get creative and so I told him ahead of time there would be a surprise.  HeContinue reading “Game of Clothespins”

Hot for Teacher

“Hot for Teacher” by Van Halen is playing in the background when you walk in to the suite in Greenwich, CT.  I’m ready for my lesson, studiously dressed in nothing but a blazer, bowtie, stockings and garter.  You are ready to delve into higher learning. The lesson is interesting as I shameless flirt.  I can’tContinue reading “Hot for Teacher”

The Conference Call

The dial-in.  You are in business mode.  I look at your devilishly and suddenly before you can say “uncle”, disappear underneath the table.  What happens next will make you rethink the way you take your conference calls. My head burrows into your lap.  My tongue snuggles between your legs.  I hear you talking but it soundsContinue reading “The Conference Call”

Be My Clementine…

I read your energy.  You needed to relax.  I dive right it with just my hands….at first.  They caressed your legs, tickling and traveling slowly up your thigh…then the back of hands worked their way down your arms as you lay their silent and still.  My short but soft head of hair brushed your chestContinue reading “Be My Clementine…”

Simon Says…A Lesson In Sensory Play

There are moments when you are in someone’s company and you can feel their mind racing.  It is not so much that they are nervous but they are simply feeling listless and hoping you will instinctively understand what it is they need.  In this case, I had to find a way to make him focusContinue reading “Simon Says…A Lesson In Sensory Play”

The Sexy Secretary

He told my presence in the office was causing a problem with “productivity” and making the other secretary’s jealous. I politely explained that any efforts to boost office morale in my part were mot being done on company time and as for the jealousy, well…. “Bend over,slut.” He barked. I did as I was told,Continue reading “The Sexy Secretary”

A Dark Odyssey

When we are young we are told, never to stay away from fire.  How ironic, that I found myself fascinated with fireplay or the need to just take my boundaries to a different level.  Pyrosadist, a skilled Dominant I met during the Dark Odyssey conference, lit me on fire with, burning my soul without everContinue reading “A Dark Odyssey”

Site Refresh – Cumming Soon

I know I have been a bit quiet for the past month.  The truth is I have been busy restructuring my business.  We are cumming into a new year and for me that means taking a look at the good, bad and ugly…Whether I ever see you in person or not, every individual who supportsContinue reading “Site Refresh – Cumming Soon”

The Reality of Role Play

You come to me with a scenario – maybe I’m your slutty but blue-blooded drunk of a mother and you are my son coming home from college in a lame attempt to hide a disastrous, PBR-filled semester, maybe we are playing out a boardroom power play or perhaps we are reenacting a teacher’s pet scenario.Continue reading “The Reality of Role Play”