Frequent Flying

President’s day/Valentine weekend was a great weekend.  I was traveling a bit but it was worth it as I got into D.C. Sunday afternoon for some dungeon play at the Dark Odyssey conference.  It is always worth it to attend this conference, if only for one night because it brings people from all over theContinue reading “Frequent Flying”

The Pleasure Salon

I will be heading back from Philly this afternoon…just in time to make the May edition of Pleasure Salon.  Spring is here and people are FRISKY.. Thought its been awhile since I’ve attended, when I have, it has always been a memorable time.  They have moved locations, to the Delancey Hotel but I am sure thereContinue reading “The Pleasure Salon”

The FunHouse

Just when I think I have pushed my limits, I am proven wrong. That is what Dark Odyssey is all about and this last conference in DC on President’s weekend was no exception. At the conference in 2013, I met an amazing Dominant who creeped into my brain and toyed with me in the mostContinue reading “The FunHouse”

My Dark Valentine

I can’t wait until I leave for DC next Friday. I’m excited to reunite with my all my kinky friends and the play partners who so I expertly know how to pick up where we left off. Dark Odyssey is a time to really push my own personal boundaries in an environment where the playingContinue reading “My Dark Valentine”

Naughty Weekend Plans

In a couple of hours, I will be attending a workshop at the Paddles dungeon in Chelsea.  They are hosting Siobhan Phoenix, BDSM and Kink lecturer on a class that will teach people how to play sensually and creatively without having to use to use toys.  I am extremely curious about this workshop.  It soundsContinue reading “Naughty Weekend Plans”

A Slave’s Dream Cum True…

Persistence pays off.  It took 1 Fetlife email, 1 gmail introduction and later a follow-up email to get the great Maestro Stefanos attention.  In case you don’t know who he is, he is the Steward for’s The Upper Floor, where slave’s are used and train into high-protocol proper slaves.  When I was trained by myContinue reading “A Slave’s Dream Cum True…”

Dark Odyssey Tomorrow…

I can’t wait to be in pure kinkiness for 72 hours.  A hotel of kinksters – people who are open, sexual, playful.   The techies have SXSW, and we have Dark Odyssey.  Fetlife has brimmed with excitement over this conference.  Private messages are flying back and forth between profiles as people set up playdates. Personally, IContinue reading “Dark Odyssey Tomorrow…”

Dark Odyssey Adventure Awaits

I am getting v. excited for Dark Odyssey: Winter Fire – 2.15-2.18, in Washington D.C. Thanks to Fetlife, I have connected with so many interesting kinksters, Dominants and Submissives and lets just say my dance card is almost full. Two of the three nights, i am rooming with a gentleman that has recently begun exploringContinue reading “Dark Odyssey Adventure Awaits”