Inspired by a post from a fellow companion, Olivia Sinclair, I wanted to talk about a deeply held fetish of mine, Pet Play. As some of you know or have ventured to read, I was at one point, in a very captivating power exchange relationship. When that ended, many years ago, I tucked that partContinue reading “FANTASY FRIDAY: OUR FETISHES”

Frequent Flying

President’s day/Valentine weekend was a great weekend.  I was traveling a bit but it was worth it as I got into D.C. Sunday afternoon for some dungeon play at the Dark Odyssey conference.  It is always worth it to attend this conference, if only for one night because it brings people from all over theContinue reading “Frequent Flying”

The Sensual Spanker Returns

It has been so long…too long…and then I got an email.  Those hands are amazing, creating a work of experience every time we are together.  Every time we are together its different.  I don’t know if you want to spend more time spanking me or just enjoying me…It is always unforgettable though… In advance, heContinue reading “The Sensual Spanker Returns”

Hot Oil….Slick and Slide

Continuing the discovery of sex without penetration….A sexual renaissance, perhaps? Both naked.  I take the warmed bottle of oil and begin to slowly drip it on your body. I watch your face as I aim the bottle towards my neck, letting the slick oil run down my torso.  Drip…drip….drip. There is something truly erotic whenContinue reading “Hot Oil….Slick and Slide”

A Bite of Chocolate

Pursed between your lips…the perfect blend of sweet and savory, a single bit of chocolate. Don’t chew it. Don’t lick it.  Let it rest between your lips.  I’m straddling you.  My face, my lips snuggle your earlobe.  My breath bombards your neck. The chocolate begins to melt.  I lick it but avoid your lips.  YouContinue reading “A Bite of Chocolate”

Double Trouble in CT

This weekend was amazing.  So much fun, especially when it ends with a threesome.  Of course it is always an adventure when I’m taking a Dominatrix to see one of my favorite people. It doesn’t take us long to get comfortable.  The Brazilian jazz plays seductively in the background.  The clothes come off and weContinue reading “Double Trouble in CT”

New Student

Date #6…I invited him over just to play.  It was time to really see what He was made of.  He surprised me pleasantly.   He admitted he was a bit intimidated but eager to learn and explore.  I am eager to continue to push my boundaries… Since i have agreed to take on a roleContinue reading “New Student”

Piece by Piece…Sartorial Sex

You were stunning in that custom suit.  I learned something new too..the last button on the sleeve of a custom suit is always left undone…the mark of bespoke. There were so many pieces to your wardrobe – the vest, the pants, the jacket, the tie and suspenders! Wow.  I have a new appreciation for suspenders.Continue reading “Piece by Piece…Sartorial Sex”

Dirty Dreidel

He has no idea what he has cumming to him tonight.  A kinky take on spinning the Dreidel. Punishment  and reward.   Choices to be made.   A little holiday trivia to a create a bit more challenge.  I will fuck his mind before I fuck him.   He loves the visual so I will hoodContinue reading “Dirty Dreidel”

Shaken & Stirred…A New Art to Edge Play

On Saturday, I spent all day in Philadelphia at an Edge Play Intensive taught by Eric Pride, an experienced Master who runs a slave household with his wife in NYC.  I was v. excited about this class because lately I have been in a bit of a kinky rut.  I have been in this lifestyleContinue reading “Shaken & Stirred…A New Art to Edge Play”

Mischief Night…An Evening of Topping and Treating…

Greenwich, CT.  Mischief night…the night I prefer over Halloween. The minute he walked through the door I told him, ” turn around and face the door.  Do not say a word.”  I took the bag from him which contained the supplies I asked him to bring – champagne, cool whip and industrial plastic wrap.  Then,Continue reading “Mischief Night…An Evening of Topping and Treating…”

Vitamin O

Dinner was memorable.  Flirty, fun and the conversation flowed….When you presented the orange, your chosen fruit of choice, I loved how we intellectualized the carnality of the fruit.  I couldn’t wait to get you back to my place and provide the nourishment with the vitamin O you so badly craved… The letter you presented me atContinue reading “Vitamin O”