I was thinking the other night about the first date. The experience, that no matter what your age, your confidence level or experience, always draws butterflies. The pressure of the first impression. The desire to look and feel your best, and the preparation and care you take with grooming and wardrobe. Before the date evenContinue reading “FIRST DATE GUIDE FOR A GENTLEMAN”

The Briefcase

The understated accessory.  Yet, a daunting one. A statement of persona.   We carry a briefcase and our gait becomes more powerful, purposeful.  Standing in a crowded elevator,  grasping on to the handle tightly, the anticipation of revealing the contents, is a heady feeling.  The silence around you is palpable but you can feel theContinue reading “The Briefcase”

The Naughty Playground

This is a place we don’t think too much. Relax and give in to my gentle whispers. Keep your eyes open and look deep into mine. Let yourself go and the adventures begin. You won’t experience just one there will be a few. The intensity will exceed your expectations. I hear you. And now…I’ve takenContinue reading “The Naughty Playground”

Cunnilingus Olympics

Take a deep breath.  What are you striving for – the gold ? silver? Bronze?  A mere honorable mention?  I realize that female anatomy is a little tougher to interpret than a man’s.  The clues on whether you are warm or cold are obvious. I’m writing this piece as a true bi-partisan – someone who enjoysContinue reading “Cunnilingus Olympics”

Is Slixa Really Revolutionary?

I like Slixa.  I can’t stand Eros.   I’ve been a member since I was invited in April when it first launched.  I commend the massive PR campaign because it shows how serious they are about wanting to be successful in a very competitive industry.  They have people like Cindy Gallop and Business Insider championing them.Continue reading “Is Slixa Really Revolutionary?”

Be Gentle with My Flower…

People always ask me what my limits are and most of the time its out of the realm of possibility for most of the people I play with so I often answer, “none.”  I finally realized that I do have one – fisting or any kind of finger mutilation of my cunt. I call itContinue reading “Be Gentle with My Flower…”