Greenwich, CT on a Saturday Night

There you stand on the other side of the door with your bag of goodies.  A hotel in Greenwich, CT. I’ll show you mine if you show yours but you decided to blindfold me.   You open the bag and slowly I hear the goodies come out, slowly you transform.  You are a no longerContinue reading “Greenwich, CT on a Saturday Night”

The Irish- Italian Job

I had so much fun in the v. short time I was n Boston.  The friends I make there have a special place in my heart because many are Irish-Italian and remind me of roots… Boston is always an extra special visit for me.   I may have mentioned that many of my relatives areContinue reading “The Irish- Italian Job”

Provider Reviews….Hot or Not?

The nature of any service business is to be judged by its patrons.  It goes without saying then, that companions would be reviewed as well.  Of course, there are a small fraction of women who prefer not to be, and I honestly think it is a bit arrogant. Admittedly, most of my clients prefer notContinue reading “Provider Reviews….Hot or Not?”

Is Slixa Really Revolutionary?

I like Slixa.  I can’t stand Eros.   I’ve been a member since I was invited in April when it first launched.  I commend the massive PR campaign because it shows how serious they are about wanting to be successful in a very competitive industry.  They have people like Cindy Gallop and Business Insider championing them.Continue reading “Is Slixa Really Revolutionary?”

Be Gentle with My Flower…

People always ask me what my limits are and most of the time its out of the realm of possibility for most of the people I play with so I often answer, “none.”  I finally realized that I do have one – fisting or any kind of finger mutilation of my cunt. I call itContinue reading “Be Gentle with My Flower…”

Virginia May Be Lovers, Northern Virginia is For Kinksters

Thank you to the gentlemen of Arlington, VA for providing such a fun, kinky, raunchy time for me. You made my week. I was submissive. I was dominant. I was a true slut enjoying raunchy, intimate moments with men who were veritable strangers. Your politeness made me cream.  Underneath the courtesy was your dark sideContinue reading “Virginia May Be Lovers, Northern Virginia is For Kinksters”

Its All Greek To Me

Sometimes you need to be fucked in the ass. I can’t be flowery and pretty about because the ass is not a pretty place. Its dirty, mysterious, scary and well, really hot and erotic too. In full disclosure, my ass and I have a dysfunctional relationship. It begs to be used and yet I oftenContinue reading “Its All Greek To Me”

Two Timing…

I woke up yesterday morning and my only responsibility was to meet Mestra Jussara at her private dungeon by 11am wearing a bra and panties. I was her double for an hour session w one of her slave boys. Being a switch, I bring the best of both worlds because I can transition easily inContinue reading “Two Timing…”

Slut, Whore, Slave…Slave, Whore, Slut..

On the last night of being 37, I want to get up close and personal… The title – a 3-word summary.  I am confident enough to be proud of those labels. First and foremost I am proud of being a slave.  A 4.5-year journey thus far, and the road is still long, windy and filled withContinue reading “Slut, Whore, Slave…Slave, Whore, Slut..”

A Personal Note On Independence

I reflect on my independence every day of the year, not just July 4th.  I am grateful to live in a capitalist society where opportunity abounds if you have the focus, desire and determination.  I am lucky to live in a country where I had the choice to leave the corporate world I was workingContinue reading “A Personal Note On Independence”