Tasty Vanilla…

Over the past few weeks, it has become more clear to me that my vanilla life has begun to take center stage.  As someone who spent the last few years living a life of kink 100% of the time, the revelation and transition has been stressful but I am taking it in stride.    IContinue reading “Tasty Vanilla…”

Site Refresh – Cumming Soon

I know I have been a bit quiet for the past month.  The truth is I have been busy restructuring my business.  We are cumming into a new year and for me that means taking a look at the good, bad and ugly…Whether I ever see you in person or not, every individual who supportsContinue reading “Site Refresh – Cumming Soon”

Thirsty for Discipline

Although I don’t miss my old corporate life at all, I do miss the need to keep up with the latest in trends in technology, digital media and the things that affect my client’ business. I’m ashamed to admit that I’m scared.  The idea of really challenging my brain, working my cranial muscle in aContinue reading “Thirsty for Discipline”