I have a good friend who is single, male and v. eligible and yet, all he does is complain about how difficult it is to meet women – despite the fact that he lives in a young, beach community. In solidarity, I joined a dating app for a 1 month trial. Listen in to myContinue reading “THE DATING CONUNDRUM – REDUX”

Turning the Man

There is nothing more exciting than meeting someone in a completely vanilla setting and having incredibly kinky sex later.   Last night was great. The conversation we have makes you none the wiser about what I am into… We chat about 2016 politics, crude oil and QE, football..the conversation flows.  We are truly engaged andContinue reading “Turning the Man”

The Strip Show….

Last night. Date #4.   We are on a roll….My NYC playmate and thanks to you I am rediscovering a whole new New York… I show up for cocktails in a new dress.  A conservative grey wool shift dress with a white collared shirt underneath.  My black knee high Pradas give it edge.  Yes, IContinue reading “The Strip Show….”

A Little Night Magic…

I felt like I was in a time warp.  We met at the Rose Bar at the Gramercy Park Hotel.  It is the one place in NYC that holds memories so dear for me that I haven’t been back since 2008.  It was my place with D…until it wasn’t anymore. It’s funny how memories can hitContinue reading “A Little Night Magic…”

Tasty Vanilla…

Over the past few weeks, it has become more clear to me that my vanilla life has begun to take center stage.  As someone who spent the last few years living a life of kink 100% of the time, the revelation and transition has been stressful but I am taking it in stride.    IContinue reading “Tasty Vanilla…”

Love’s Many Faces…

We all have our ideas on love and what is romantic.  In fact, I would argue that the greatest, most intense love I have ever felt for someone came from a power exchange relationship.  There are people who believe you can only really love one person at a time.  While I respect where people comeContinue reading “Love’s Many Faces…”

Why is Bi a Bad Word?

Recently, a friend posted on my facebook feed about how bisexuality is more discriminated against than being gay. I couldn’t agree more. I am bisexual and I love bisexual men. Whenever, I go to a lesbian bar, lesbians don’t want to talk to you because you are not “gay” and if you go to aContinue reading “Why is Bi a Bad Word?”