The Conference Call

The dial-in.  You are in business mode.  I look at your devilishly and suddenly before you can say “uncle”, disappear underneath the table.  What happens next will make you rethink the way you take your conference calls. My head burrows into your lap.  My tongue snuggles between your legs.  I hear you talking but it soundsContinue reading “The Conference Call”

Be My Clementine…

I read your energy.  You needed to relax.  I dive right it with just my hands….at first.  They caressed your legs, tickling and traveling slowly up your thigh…then the back of hands worked their way down your arms as you lay their silent and still.  My short but soft head of hair brushed your chestContinue reading “Be My Clementine…”

Just Desserts?

Monday’s can generally be a v. dull day but not when you are covered in chocolate cream pie.  Yes, I had some fun getting wet and messy…v. messy in fact.  We had fun getting wet and messy, actually because there 14 chocolate cream pies that had us covered from head to toe and everywhere inContinue reading “Just Desserts?”

Woody Wonka and The Seduction Factory

  An average Tuesday night in Greenwich, CT. I made him stand in the middle of the room, fully clothed, with only my Hermes scarf tied around his eyes. He looked liked a fashionable hostage about to be executed, only this execution would come in the form of something much slower, seductive and delicious. Deliberately,Continue reading “Woody Wonka and The Seduction Factory”