In my new audio series “Gentleman’s Agreement: Regular Men from Twitter,” I had the pleasure of having a real southern gentleman as my inaugural guest. Jaxon, @onowine, is a mid-50’s gentleman, who loves cowboy boots, his black lab and big, bold Silver Oak Cabernet. Kerouac, Fitzgerald, Space Porn, Hi Bob…And Cowboy Boots? Never underestimate aContinue reading “INTERVIEWS WITH THE MEN OF TWITTER: EPISODE ONE – ONO MEANS GOOD”

Long Positions

I see the beads of sweat forming on your forehead.  Its cute and stirring something in me.  I appreciate that you are sharply dressed.  My eyes transfix on your perspiration.  I’m listening intently as you talk passionately about your interests but I can’t help but be turned on to your sweat. Its hot but its nice.Continue reading “Long Positions”

The Art of the Scarf….Be A Good Neighbor Pocket Square

Fall is definitely my favorite time of year, even though I lose my glorious tan.   Why is fall my favourite? The average man on the street tends to dress more formally and I am a sucker for a beautiful suit adorned with all of the accoutrements.  Now, I realize that a good dresser, likeContinue reading “The Art of the Scarf….Be A Good Neighbor Pocket Square”

D.C. Nights….

Looking forward to a quick trip to DC tomorrow. I am excited to connect with some old friends.  I am especially looking forward to the evening….Dinner, drinks and naughtiness galore await me and a v. sexy friend.  I am planning  to surprise him by wearing my new Crave Wink vibrator out to dinner for the firstContinue reading “D.C. Nights….”

The Briefcase

The understated accessory.  Yet, a daunting one. A statement of persona.   We carry a briefcase and our gait becomes more powerful, purposeful.  Standing in a crowded elevator,  grasping on to the handle tightly, the anticipation of revealing the contents, is a heady feeling.  The silence around you is palpable but you can feel theContinue reading “The Briefcase”

Tasty Vanilla…

Over the past few weeks, it has become more clear to me that my vanilla life has begun to take center stage.  As someone who spent the last few years living a life of kink 100% of the time, the revelation and transition has been stressful but I am taking it in stride.    IContinue reading “Tasty Vanilla…”

Hot for Teacher

“Hot for Teacher” by Van Halen is playing in the background when you walk in to the suite in Greenwich, CT.  I’m ready for my lesson, studiously dressed in nothing but a blazer, bowtie, stockings and garter.  You are ready to delve into higher learning. The lesson is interesting as I shameless flirt.  I can’tContinue reading “Hot for Teacher”

Return on Connection

I don’t know who came up with the saying ” its not personal, its business.” I suspect they lived a lonely life. In my experience relationships of any kind, in any form, are personal. I managed clients in the digital ad space for over 13 years and I learned that a service business in anyContinue reading “Return on Connection”

Site Refresh – Cumming Soon

I know I have been a bit quiet for the past month.  The truth is I have been busy restructuring my business.  We are cumming into a new year and for me that means taking a look at the good, bad and ugly…Whether I ever see you in person or not, every individual who supportsContinue reading “Site Refresh – Cumming Soon”