I was inspired to post this from a recent experience. As dull as hotel rooms can be sometimes, there is a mood of naughtiness and comfort that they exude. The expectant bed. Those crisp white, virginal-looking sheets. A shower built for two? Hotel rooms contain all the secrets of intimacy, raw sex, hyperbolic emotion andContinue reading “FF ON A MONDAY: HOTEL ROOMS”

Fantasy Friday – XMAS EVE 2021

The night before Christmas, its time to let our thoughts run wild. We savor the moments of intimacy we have had in the past year and look forward to the adventures that like ahead. The moments we will create that will leave us feeling overwhelmed with excitement, and will charge not only our bodies, butContinue reading “Fantasy Friday – XMAS EVE 2021”


Intimacy can easily be taken for granted, or worse, forgotten about. The origins of which begin with a simple conversation. In most daily conversation, we aren’t expecting much. Yet, behind the dialogue is a vague awareness that there is the potential. There are so many detours and pathways a conversation can take. How they evolve,Continue reading “HOW MANY HELLOS?”


The power of the olfactory nerves. A seductive new story to be written, all with the power and depth of an inhale. How physically close we get to one another to appreciate the subtle notes in an aftershave or cologne. A pure extension of you because the chemical makeup of a scent, mixed with yourContinue reading “FANTASY FRIDAY – BREATHE DEEPLY”


As we get older, relationships and the connections we make, regardless of their nature become central to our lives. The energy around them become more noticeable. This is often and obviously attributed to our own growth, emotional maturity and needs. The productivity and support we garner from these relationships carries a heavier weight with age.Continue reading “THE RELATIONSHIP ERA”


“I have never judged myself by other people’s standards. I have always expected a great deal of myself, and if I fail, I fail myself.” Sophia Loren A short note to get your week started. We all have expression deep within ourselves that we do not share. It is easier sometimes to emote through theContinue reading “MORNING LOVE – 11.8.21 – SOPHIA’S WORDS”