“This diary is my kief, hashish and opium pipe. This is my drug and my vice.”
— Anaïs Nin

Welcome to my secret garden, where my mind and my imagination is always in bloom.  For you, dear visitor, this may be a voyeuristic playground.    I hope you find it interesting enough to read, interact with me but also to return for more….

My mind never rests.   It is in a constant state of  intellectual arousal.  The neurons from different parts of the brain working in tandem with the neural networks of those around us.  A truly social network.  We spend our lives working at understanding ourselves and others, making efforts to truly connect on one level or another.   The brain is the most powerful tool we have for seduction in all arenas of life, both personal and business.

I share myself with you in the most authentic and open way that will hopefully leave you hungry for more….

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