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Slippery When Wet: Adventures with Nuru Massage

Dedicated to Woody, who dared to be my first.

I will keep this short and slippery.

It came to me like a bolt of lightning. I guess that’s how the best ideas evolve into something special. Let’s experiment. Well, its not like we hadn’t before, back in the kinky days. The days of extreme role play, plots that make a Jason Bourne film blush. Here we are, mellowing it but finding that “right” groove. Creativity doesn’t have to directly correlate to outlandish or crazy.

What can this powder, made of sugar, seaweed and Aloe Vera do when mixed with warm water?

Oh, you would would be surprised at the erotic appeal of this 5-min to prepare sensual science experiment. The slip-sliding fun you can have. We started in the shower, of course. The gel activates with water but as we found out, not TOO much water. Up against him in the shower, behind him, pushing myself into him, was only just the beginning. It is amazing when you break away from sexual norms of foreplay. In these moments there was no kissing, just hungry wet bodies wanting to see how much horsepower this gel really had.

Our damp skin was perfect to experience this chemistry.

I loved having you underneath me. Our skin so warm, wet and slippery. Completely in sync, body on body gliding without penetration. In that moment I wanted messy. We let go at the same time. A mind mesh that came to a climax.

The Irony of the Show

The deep sensual satisfaction is provoked not from toys or lubes, or a great shower but from the bowels of our imagination that flow deep and smoothly into one another. Intimacy that is open, wild and ready to be conquered, until the next time. All that was needed was two naked bodies and a little Nuru.

Afterwards, my skin felt amazing.

Next time, I’m grabbing the champagne from the nightstand. A party isn’t complete without a few bubbles. Yet, it’s only just the beginning.

I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.

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