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Nobody is debating how great shower sex can be. Move one step farther and it becomes way more intimate. Washing my hair. There is something about a pair of very strong hands massaging my scalp. My brown, wet, long tendrils slipping and sliding through those hands. I’m getting shivers under that hot shower.

Intimacy and Sex Are Not Mutually Exclusive.

In its purest form, intimacy is what truly satisfies. Its what makes us breathe deeply. Whether we are aware of it or not, its what we crave. Those conversations, even if they make you feel uncomfortable because they make you think and feel something deeper. The non-sexual touches have so much power in them.

Sexual touch can mean something or not. A one night stand can be intense – naked bodies, soft breaths, entwined limbs but that intensity can be nothing compared to when someone takes your hand and deeply smiles into your eyes. Thanks to the neurotransmitters as Seratonin, Dopamine and Norepinephrine that trigger sexual arousal and desires, we know that sex is as much a neurological activity as it is physiological.

Stating the Obvious – Intimacy Lies in the Underlying Emotion and Intent.

What makes an intimate experience is the power behind the emotion and subsequent action. An authentic desire to be close, open and vulnerable. Yet, if you look around us, all signs point to the opposite. We intuitively understand how important intimate connection is but it requires effort and patience that many of us shrug off, that is until we wonder why we aren’t satisfied.

We have become masterful at nothing.

Our fears of rejection and just poor time management keep intimacy on the shelf. We know its there, the strongest tool we have in our tool box but we take it for granted.

It’s easy hard.

Intimacy requires honest and honesty, is not as easy to execute on as people think.

I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.

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