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We have all had those dreams, where we wake up and feel, emotionally overwhelmed. Yet, its a dream. Our day in reality, is just beginning. Our subconscious is, for all intents and purposes not the primary focus as we go about our day. That is energizing. Yet, these dreams reveal huge emotion, that serve as a reminder we are still healing from the experiences that caused them.

The Stoic thinking is that everything that happens to us has its purpose – good, bad and ugly. We find what is useful and productive in that, so life is less devastating, and we can build an optimal self.

There is more nuance here. Of course, that is what makes life interesting. At some point, the life changing struggle we experience becomes counter productive to the human cause. At that point, we shelve it, thus becoming more “efficient” with where we direct our thought and actions. We let our subconscious in and then we reveal the power our dreams have.

There is a Season for it. An Intentional Designation.

As we come out of Holy week, there is a re theme. A prefix meaning, ” back to, back from it’s original place.” Our lives, a reminder of our redemption and renewal. Yet, there are experiences in our lives that are too big for that change. There are some things so magnanimous where they move in tectonic-like, subconscious shifts because its the only way.

Listen in to the Monday Morning love I have for you.

I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.

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