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I had a lovely dinner last night and conversation was provocative. I found myself honoring the man who was/is my soul mate, my kindred spirit , though he is no longer in my life. I could feel the breeze that caused that door to swing wide open. In that moment, in a noisy, cool downtown restaurant, I made peace with the stern fact that my soul mate may not be part of my life but surely helped me discover the genius and enjoyment in nurturing that part of me.

Honoring that indelible mark.

If your partner is your partner for life and someone you can share those truly deep, existential parts of you, you are lucky. I think for most of us, the existential and the practical exist separately. The word “settle” doesn’t do it justice and feels negative. The fluidity of priority is life, constantly shifting. It is the core. Our existential beings don’t live harmoniously with our practical selves. That would be too easy. Our logic overrides our emotional. What we want and what we need, may live as neighbors but not always friendly.

Good Nutrition – Body, Mind & Soul Is Listening & Nourishing Those Needs.

Whatever you think of those that deviate from social mores, remember we are ALL capable of deviating. Why people have affairs, seek out professional companionship, is rarely just for the physical. The existential, emotional need can sneak up on you and become overwhelming. Thus, choices are made. The powerful need to find and fulfill ourselves through another.

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I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.

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