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There comes a point where you just have to let go. As someone who values my connections, it’s not an easy thing to do, even the ones that burned the most. We know that the bridge burns for a reason. The wisdom it takes to fully comprehend those reason, well that is always a work in progress.

This post was triggered because I recently heard from someone who was deeply connected to my past. In his own way, on the surface it seemed innocent enough. For me, it was a form of emotional terrorism. I call it that because the exchange was ripe in manipulation, which was de rigueur in our relationship .

Time is Our Greatest Ally. The World Moves Even When We are Stuck.

When times are challenging and our resolve is tested, I understand the phrase, “time heals.” The world never stops turning. Life continues on, regardless of what is happening to us. The freedom of that release, when it comes, propels us forward to catch up. We are never really too far behind.

When we burn a bridge, there is a moment in which we want to get the firehouse out. No regrets, right? The ability to be clairvoyant is clouded – history, emotion, all the “stuff” that we tell ourselves matters, but really doesn’t.

It’s hard to let go. The “what if” and “if only” can plague you. Delay you. Its not until that A bridge burned gives us a new perspective on the landscape before us. When there is no way to go back.

I marvel at those that walk away and don’t look back.

Absorb the difficult and transform that energy into power. That is the impact of clairvoyance, that only grows sharper over time.

I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.

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