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A desire burns within all of us to be touched in that way. There is no label for it. When your hand touches mine. When my cheek rests on your shoulder, chest, inner thighs…

This energy stops just short of carnal, for a moment. Its tender and deep. A story being written in motion of two people giving each other what they have. All of it. Nothing left behind. That is intimacy. It is something that can’t be manufactured because it comes from deep within. A mystery in chemistry.

The magic of alchemy.

As you sit at your desk, in the meeting, on the train, your mind wanders aimlessly. Can you recall that feeling of such deep intimacy? A moment you felt understood and your soul was exposed without a word spoken? Better than sex. Better than the best day of life. And it wasn’t complicated. It was effortless.

Touch is the only sense that transcends every language, intelligence level, income level, race, and religion. Yet, we seem to lack or be deficient in this primal and necessary need.

Spend more time in touch.

I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.

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