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In honor of Valentine’s day, the subject of love seems appropriate. An emotion that catalyzes behavior which can be one extreme to the other. How we demonstrate that love is much aligned with our own egos, how we feel and see ourselves determines much of how we love others.

What happens when we take the ego out of it? The sentiments expressed become more fluid. The judgement we may fear doesn’t exist. A ravenous energy is unleashed. An energy that waits for the right moment.

I love you, my client, you are special kind of gentleman. What you teach me. The creation of something that lies on the peripheral of our lives but is significant in our souls and how we live in the real world. I stretch my emotional and intellectual because of you.

It is alchemical, what happens with us. We meet in one form and find ourselves transforming. A modern intimacy where the string don’t exist, only our free will and desire.

This is love companion style. Listen in to hear more…

I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.

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