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The Better Man

It is what you strive to be. Better. The superlative to good but inferior to best. To be fair, its hard to define and very open to interpretation.

You have armed yourself with all of the necessary components to be better – a therapist, meditation, tougher gym workouts, being more present. How do you measure your progress? Hold yourself accountable.

Two Steps Forward, Two Steps Back?

There you are gaining momentum and then something, someone makes you stall. However, your level of focus never slips too much. However, this is a different journey. The progress made isn’t revolutionary. A parade does not come with each milestone.

A better man, among other things, is self-aware. He is as confident in making mistakes as he is in any victory. The courage to face weakness and not hide from it Revolutionize it.

Fortune Favors the Patient.

Even is the enemy of progress. Fortune favors the patient. A rationale has infinite uses, much of which lies in licking our wounds and empathizing our egos. A better man sees beyond the zero sum hype. Abundance. Potential. Warrior words, even in the best zero sum scenarios, because they happen all of the time.

The better man has a steady mind and hand. A perspective of simplicity that breaks through the noise of even the most complex.

This is What Big Dick Energy Is All About.

There is no fake it til you make it. You just push forward. Harness those balls. You have two of them. Stand up for your decisions, even the bad ones. Your integrity deepens as you think and act outside of the hive mind.

I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.

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