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Over time, we are exposed to enough experiences, that integrity, the values we espouse and aspire to, are defined for us. We don’t have to search to deeply for the answers.

Secondary Thinking First. What Separates the Men from the Boys.

We are quick to react because our attention spans are weak. You react to images, and with quick response time, satisfy the ego. It is immediate. In that moment, you feel it, so you say it. A normal reaction, many would say. However, understanding the consequences of any action or statement makes all the difference; thinking further into a conversation, what may be implied.

Maturity doesn’t know age. There are men in their 50’s who struggle too, with emotionally intelligent behavior, and men in their 30’s who recognize the significance in how words and actions, no matter how small or big, often have unintended consequences. Older doesn’t always mean wiser.

I would like to think its men v. boys.

Old School Values That Never Get Old.

There are some values that are timeless. “Say what you mean, mean what you say.” Be someone, whose word is bond, but not just in cherry-picked situations. It is not about perfection but progress. A cornerstone of masculinity is strength, both in physicality and emotional.

Generational values mean something. We may live in a world that often forgets and forgives shortsighted behavior, but being a man of substance, of integrity means behaving that way when nobody is watching. There is a higher standard to pass on. Be the man you envision your best self to be.

Progress not perfection.

I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.

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