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While it may be May and the weather is still unpredictably cooler, summer is right around the corner. What does this mean? Every man must have seersucker in their wardrobe.   Don’t worry, people will not mistake you for a cricket player or a fan of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic, The Great Gatsby. If they do, well, frankly, you shouldn’t give a damn.

If the pandemic has taught us one thing, its time to retire the athleisure look – Lululemon be damned. As people get out of the house and return to live events, its time to show that you have a little fashion flair, even in the heat of summer. A fabric that doesn’t need to be ironed and can keep you looking sophisticated and cool despite searing temps? Yes, please!

There is even a day to celebrate this venerable classic. Thursday, June 11 is National Seersucker Day.  Yes, we have day to celebrate this fabric that shelters you from the most atrociously humid climates and comes from the Hindi word, “sirsakar”, meaning ” milk and sugar.”

A seersucker suit shows that you appreciate what is classic.  It shows you see style in the simplicity in pure cotton fabric.This stylish fabric connotes confidence in a man, someone not afraid to stand out in the hotter months amidst a sea of boring khaki. Seersucker is forgiving enough to suit almost any man, regardless of age or body type.

What are you waiting for?  Show me your seersucker.

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