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I want to wish all my friend a special holiday weekend. As someone with an ultra curious mind, I read up about the similarities between Easter and Passover. While they are different in many ways, fundamentally they are ground in a deep and rich history and yet, at the same time focus on renewal and redemption.

What can we learn?

The History of Redemption

For me, this Holy Week, wraps up with a pause to appreciate and reflect on what was sacrificed. While I am Catholic and not Jewish, I spent a little time reading about this very important time in Jewish history. The exodus of the Jew from Egypt, freed from slavery under the Pharaohs and space from the plagues. Apparently they left so fast, that the bread didn’t have time to rise.

In Catholicism, the story of the Last Supper and Jesus’ crucifixion, is a centerpieces of Christian faith. The Apostles were challenged in their faith and though in a few instances they failed, the story of redemption is seen through the crucifixion and death of Jesus, dying for the sins of world, and rising again, giving hope to all of humanity.

In both, Easter and Passover, you find vivid events that mark a turning point in one’s faith.

Faith and Renewal.

The arrival of spring and these high, Holy holidays are about renewal. The idea of a fresh start. A new season. The reminder of the blessings in your life and the gratitude they deserve. Humans are not divine and God does not expect us to be. Our mere mortal souls are not just shaped by goodness but by ALL of our choices. It is deeply rooted in the acceptance that we are accountable to ourselves, first ; living with confidence and freeing ourselves of other’s expectations and judgement.

The actions not just the world of living. We determine how much power we have or give away. This is what faith restores in us. The believe in ourselves, and the perspective that nothing or nobody has the capability to control us.

I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.

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