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Our energies are often focused on communication with others and listening, that we forget the most important person: ourselves.

Sending a little Tuesday love your way via audio…or you can read on…

Why do we sometimes let the ugliest parts of ourselves – , selfishness, insecurities take center stage through judgement and criticism of others? How are we communicating with the person that matters most? Ourselves. Is there a negative feedback loop playing that we aren’t even conscious of?

Take the Power Back

The desire to find contentment centers around living in the present. This pairs with the idea of not only being conscious of our listening skills but also what we tell ourselves. the past is rear view and can’t be change. The future hasn’t happened and fear of the unknown can only bring paralytic behavior.

Oh its not all doom and gloom. Anyone who knows me, know I am not like that. GRATITUDE. Live it. FEEL it. It’s easy to forget in our fast paced world. This is the path to contentment I will admit, even I struggle with it. I get caught up in the extraneous details and lose focus on what matters most – the who and what that is in front of me.

The Value of Fractional Learning

The mistakes we make are easy to repeat but just as easy to learn from, Who says it has to be all or nothing? Bit by bit we take chunks off of our mistakes and grow from them.

I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.

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