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Love every day. Find a reason, be the reason. The vulnerability in love- pain, pleasure, joy, sorrow is a malleable emotion needing its artist to discover and bring out its beauty. Be ready to celebrate. Do not be fooled, love is not a fickle emotion, that is merely its facade. It is lust that is served up on a silver platter, almost taunting and tricking you. Love, is the much less flashy cousin of lust. It is not trying to convince you of anything. When you are ready and willing and more importantly, open, it has boundless time and energy to give.

The Question of Readiness.

We all have our own definition of love. It is finding not only acceptance but, compatibility in that definition, which can be, a lifelong challenge. Is it our desire to be loved or to be lusted after? It is wonderful to be fawned over, for a shared sensuality to come to life. The heat on high without depth.

Love is where we find that depth. A burning desire to dive below the surface and explore the soul beyond the sex. It is only perfection in that it where we choose to be, understanding that more than one-dimensional emotions lives there.

Love is Anything but Blind.

We are the eyes of love. The choices we make are not always based in romantic reality. There are many reasons why we choose the partners and paths that we do, little of it having to do with love itself and more the idea of it.

Im not blind. Life is too short not to love deliberately and long every day. Make the choice to not fear the overwhelming strength of passion and compassion that a true love can hold.

I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.

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