I’m a veteran at navigating Valentine’s day – I haven’t had a “valentine” in over 15 years. Don’t pity me. Being alone and being lonely, are separate states of mind. I understand that holidays are a time for special recognition. A reminder, in our busy lives to appreciate those relationships that matter most, in whatever way you choose to do that.

Let’s take a moment though, to recognize the person most important, yourself.

Treat Yo’self

Have a little fun. Celebrate you. This means different things to different people. Go lavish, go simple. Please yourself.

Give a Compliment. Make Someone’s Day.

I love giving compliments, whenever I can, especially to strangers. It is amazing to see how their face lights ups.

Be Purposeful with Your Words.

Your most meaningful relationships deserve attention. Words and simple actions of appreciation can go a long way. Intention run deep.

Stay Off Social Media.

Put the phone down. Enjoy a little quiet time. Do an activity you might not normally do.

Honor the Past.

Its important for me to appreciate people who have passed. There are some relationships that leave an indelible mark on your soul. Honor it appropriately.

A Day or a Way of Life?

See Valentine’s day less about Hallmark and flowers and more as an opportunity to have a more generous heart.

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