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The Older the Better

Sorry to you young women and men. Well, sorry not sorry, right? lol

The older I get the more I excited I get. My passion overflows. There is so much to appreciate with age, not just because I am older but because the emotional maturity and intelligence to ground me. The experiences curated are deliberate, spontaneous and always flavorful, no matter how ordinary they are.

Let’s Talk About Sex…

And sex, yes, sex, does get better with age too. For me, sex is not just defined by intercourse alone. Its two naked bodies touching and playing and kissing. A penis and vagina should not take the crown. Intimacy is what matters, not the act. This is rarely appreciated by young ones…I know I was young once! Fucking, oral sex, it is the main event..often the sole focus. Then, you get older and you begin to realize that sex is an experience. It is more than one body part going into another, no matter how well you know someone. We can take it slow, take if fast, one thing is for sure, I am tuned into you. I am present in the intimacy of our moment.

Longing For…

In my mid 40’s, hardly old but not quite young. I want to take my emotional and sexual intellect to the next level. A need to give deeper. I want to have conversation without even talking, attuned to your heart and soul, if only for a second, whether naked or clothed.

Live a life well loved, the passion and compassion guiding the wisdom and humanity I desire to acquire.

I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.

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