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I do love you. Remember these words. Know them and feel them even when you are not sure. Though, you should always be sure at just how pure and true it is. The good, the bad and all of the times in between, moments of love drip slowly into it all. Love on its own. Its strong enough to stand alone. It waits patiently leave for you to recognize that it is there. The expression may change but you always can feel it, like the warm spot in a cold lake.

Love is a superhero. It will swoop in and save you because letting you fall is never the answer and doesn’t help anyone. Believe in that magic. Let your mind be open to that magic. It is ready to take on whatever form you need it to. Don’t let your brain, over wrought in contemplation, trick you into thinking it is not there. Our doubts, fears, day to day responsibilities can overwhelm our minds at times, overshadow our hearts and souls.

And yet, the bond that is love gives us our moments of clarity and fortitude that lifts and carries us above the most challenging moments of our lives.

Surrender. A mighty word. One used in defeat but I think it is misinterpreted. One is aware and ready in surrender. There is victory in surrender…this is love.

I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.

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