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Intimacy can easily be taken for granted, or worse, forgotten about. The origins of which begin with a simple conversation. In most daily conversation, we aren’t expecting much. Yet, behind the dialogue is a vague awareness that there is the potential. There are so many detours and pathways a conversation can take. How they evolve, their meaning is up to us. In a single day, are you aware of how many conversation you have? How many hellos are initiated to you or by you? How many are meaningful versus absent-minded?

Potential for intimacy exists in every hello, in every conversation. Our own level of desire, self-awareness and courage to be curious is the first step. How much does it matter? If you examine the levels of real intimacy in your life, which require an honesty, bravery and yes, a sacrifice of comfort, are you satisfied?

music mood: Elvin Bishop ” Fooled Around and Fell in Love”

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