“There is no quality I would rather have, and be thought to have, than gratitude. For it is not only the greatest virtue, but is the mother of all the rest.”

Marcus Tullius Cicero

I am thankful all year long but I will admit that there is a magic to Thanksgiving that annunciates the feeling. Perhaps, it is the plentiful bounty on the table, so many different dishes and everyone clamoring for the spoons to serve themselves. Could it be the fact that the 4th Thursday in the month of November means everything shuts down to honor bonds between family and friends?

The Clash of Signals.

It wasn’t always. At least for me. Compassion and emotional maturity are like muscles, you have to work them out to build and maintain their strength. The world around us is a clash of signals – reminding us to be positive, but also reverberating the cynicism and tragedy that can easily turn our perspectives. There is a silver lining – this sensory overload can be beneficial as we shut it all out and focus on our own contentment. A contentment that signals action from satisfaction, not in panic or extreme unproductive emotions.

The Unexpected Life. Contentment Found.

My life as a professional companion. A life that led me to a deeper sense of self, emotional maturity, and contentment. It didn’t happen overnight. As cliche as it sounds, it was/is a journey. The exposure to vulnerability changes you. It wakes you up and makes you appreciate the human condition in its rawest of forms. Vignettes of emotion play vividly and allow you to absorb it so you are connected in this experience.

Its flow. Flow cannot exist without contentment. A calm and peaceful state of being. A zen-like state that makes no room for apathy or arrogance. Yes, flow takes work. It takes the synchronicity of the body and mind, enough repetition to create the muscle memory.

Alchemical Reactions.

I work the deepest parts of myself to understand you because that is when the magic happens. Its not just intellectual curiosity. Its not sex. Its not therapy. Yes, its alchemic. Turning water into wine. Straw into gold. An Alchemist – using emotional charges to create powerful connections. Our chemistry and the wisdom to see its true beauty, is what sets us off on a profound journey.

Finding Gratitude Along that Journey.

As Cicero stated, “gratitude is the mother of all the rest.” However, like our mothers, it is easy to take for granted. We know its there, ready with warmth and intimacy. Our lives move so quickly. Expectations of others are often so high or maybe we just set the bar that much higher. The warmth and intimacy often gets pushed out.

In our shared moments, we shield ourselves from that apathy.

Potential That is Powerful.

Yes. Your bravery and strength to trust, confide and open yourself up to a connection in earnest is immediately recognized. We begin as strangers but we only see potential. My life has so much depth and richness because of you. I dig deeper, desire more understanding and compassion because time does slow down in your presence. I want to capture all of the moments, savor them and use them to grow our experience, protected and precious as it is, but also to grow as individuals. In fact, relationships are what you make them to be. Utilize them to shape and guide your potential.

There are miles to go before we sleep so lets make the best life we can. Thank you for living and being the best you.

Music mood: Wayne Newton “Danke Schoen”

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